The most popular football prediction apps and Spreadsheet

The most popular football prediction apps and Spreadsheet

There are many programs at the disposal of bettors, designed to simplify the process of selecting potentially winning bets. But are they so effective and efficient for successful betting, and are they worth using? Let's figure it out.

Why do bettors use programs to predict the outcome of football matches?

As a rule, newcomers to betting want to start placing bets as soon as possible in order to win money. At the same time, they do not get too deep into the study of existing betting strategies or even terminology. For them, the essence of betting is to simply place a bet and get huge profits, get rich. But in reality, such situations happen extremely rarely and solely due to luck and a lucky coincidence. Of course, we are not talking about any stable income here.

Betting a professional player is actually complex and scrupulous calculations, comprehensive analytics and dry statistics. It is this approach that is able to provide stable profit from long-distance bets and allows you to find bets with a positive ROI.

To make the process of sports analytics and calculations easier and faster, special programs and applications have been developed. Their tasks are somewhat different. The most popular among bettors are programs for analyzing statistical data. The information in such programs is constantly updated and replenished after each sporting event (usually there is a separate Spreadsheet for each sport).

Usually bettors use several match prediction programs at once, which allows them to:

  • create any mathematical models;

  • analyze the line archive;

  • improve the existing strategy;

  • develop new effective betting strategies;

  • find bids with the highest ROI;

  • make big profits over the long haul;

  • process more information.

What types of bookmaker programs are there?

Every player at least once in his career has heard such names as "The Eternal Kelly", BetPRO Sport, Betgarant, Surebet and many others. Perhaps some of you even managed to use them. But in reality, using such services is to do everything for your own collapse. After all, they in no way help to build a competent strategy in order to win over a long distance. Namely, these two principles are fundamental for successful bettors.

Absolutely useless Spreadsheet includes all calculators, programs for predicting football matches online and their counterparts for other sports. Do you want to know the enemy of your welfare by sight? Then remember: SoccerStatsTracker55, BasketStat, Total Over Analyzer, Opredelitel, Vanga Bet and all the others. They don't use any statistics, they just point a finger at the sky, trying to guess the result.

Forever abandon all programs for finding value and the movement of odds. These include various parsers such as Mellbet and OddStorm Live. Perhaps, such programs will seem useful for those who play on value bets, but competent bettors definitely do not use them. We know from our own experience.

There are also many betting programs on the Betfair exchange today, such as the Market Feeder Pro bot and the GeeksToy helper. But before you start using them, think twice.

  • First, they are completely useless.
  • Secondly, they have absolutely nothing to do with the analytics of sports events.
  • Third, you have to pay for each of these programs.

Now think, are you willing to pay for your own loss?

Another category of completely useless Spreadsheet is programs for finding surebets, overweight and corridors. This category includes a regular match prediction calculator like Surebet, and paid programs with their own applications (like RebelBetting or OddStorm Live). They are designed to find so-called sleepy lines and forks, scan forks in live mode, etc. Some arbitrage programs (for example, AllBestBets or Betspan) offer event analysis in prematch and live mode. In principle, all this Spreadsheet can be used by players who, despite all the risks of surebets and their deliberate failure, continue to play on them. But for those who want to learn a competent approach to rates, we strongly discourage using them. Rather, we recommend that you forget about them forever.

What programs do professional bettors use for betting?

In fact, there are only 3 effective tools that successful bettors use:

  1. Excel tables
  2. Betting Spreadsheet statistics
  3. generator Monte Carlo

All other "inventions", in particular calculators and forecasting programs, are used only by non-professional players due to lack of knowledge or experience. As a rule, calculators are used by people for whom momentary enrichment is important and who do not want to dive into learning even the basics of betting.

Excel tables. They are the main tool. In short, bettors use Excel spreadsheets to:

  • create mathematical models;

  • analyze the line archive.

The excelbetting team has prepared several videos on this topic especially for you, in which they explain in the most clear, detailed and visual way how to use Excel spreadsheets and an advanced Monte Carlo generator. These are the 5th and 6th issues of the Triumfator vlog.

You will find all the necessary information on working with the line archive in two other videos of the Triumphant - “ How to place 5000 bets per month? "And" How to learn to put in a plus? ". Be sure to check them out if your goal is to become a successful professional bettor.

Football prediction Spreadsheet or betting Spreadsheet statistics?

Bettors who use "magic" applications practically receive a guide to action - they are literally told what to bet on. Such tactics may bear fruit in the short term (if you are lucky), but in the long run it leaves no chance of a stable income.

If you learn how to use Excel spreadsheets, work with databases every day and combine all this with betting Spreadsheet analysis, you will get every chance not only of a stable income, but also of becoming a millionaire.

Remember that betting Spreadsheet statistics assess the potential of the team regardless of the results of the game.

betting Spreadsheet tables allow the bettor to independently assess the potential of the team and draw conclusions about which bet will be the most profitable.

Therefore, betting Spreadsheet seems to be a much more effective and reliable betting tool than predictions. betting Spreadsheet works for the long term, shows the real strength of teams and players, assesses the impact of luck, helps to find the most profitable bets (prematch, live and long-term).

Professional bettors have their own set of tools with which they independently analyze matches and find the most profitable bets. And no predictions are needed for this. You just need to learn how to competently approach the issue of sports analytics, use betting Spreadsheet and calculate ROI. 

Your main assistant in this training will be the package "xTools", which we have prepared especially for you. It contains the most essential tools for a bettor. In particular, here you can download the Monte Carlo generator - one of the most advanced betting tools. 

Excel Betting Spreadsheet  - Best prediction results - Best winnings

We recommend that you use betting Spreadsheet that analyzes matches with Excel because it is fast, convenient and easy, and you have complete freedom of action as well as various filters according to which to determine the best betting options for you.

  • Check out some of our best betting spreadsheet. They will provide you with detailed analysis of each match with high visibility of the results in each match.