Spreadsheet for the right betting strategy

Spreadsheet for the right betting strategy

Online bets  are all the rage. Even before the legalization of bookmakers on the Internet began, it was clear that nobody can stop this movement that easily. In addition to many hobby betting fans, there are also those who don't just want to rely on their luck. The goal is to generate steady profits. There are various aids for this. Betting strategy, betting tactics and simple basic rules can be used to exploit the probabilities in favor of the players. That is why the bets are on the internet so popular. In contrast to other games of chance, you can gain a slight advantage through knowledge and know-how. Even with betting there will never be absolute certainty, but gaining an advantage is always enough for a ringing tills. Betting strategy for beginners is sometimes so easy that anyone can use it. But there are also technical aids that hardly anyone pays attention to. Online bets can be made even more serious with the help of a spreadsheet.

      Is spreadsheet essential for the right online betting strategy?

      First of all, however, I would like to clear up one assumption at this point: Spreadsheets are by no means indispensable for betting on the Internet. Corresponding programs from Microsoft, Apple and other competitors do nothing other than execute complex calculations, once set, in part automatically. Theoretically, however, you can simply carry out the corresponding calculations with a pen and paper. With or without a calculator. However, using it for sports betting would be very time-consuming. Therefore, in order to save time and effort, it is usually advisable to use spreadsheets.

      Uses of the spreadsheet for online betting

      But what exactly can you do with such a calculation if you are familiar with Excel and Co? This largely depends on the level of knowledge of the individual user. In principle, every statistical condition can be recorded in a spreadsheet for sports betting. Some application examples, each corresponding to a different level of knowledge in spreadsheets, are written down below.

      More accurate than the Bundesliga table - the current balance of power between the teams

      The first example is a practical example from the field of soccer betting. There, in the Bundesliga, it is easy to see the balance of power between the teams in terms of their victories or defeats. The table is actually used for this. The current table does nothing more than organize the balance of power of the teams in a point system and present it clearly. However, this table does this for the entire season. There is little that can be done with sports betting. It is more advisable to pay attention to the current form of a team. If you now classify the performance of the clubs according to the same point system (3 points win, 1 point draw, no point defeat) for the last 5 games, you can certainly see in many cases that the table that you have created yourself, especially in the The league's midfield shows significant differences from the season's table. Just after 5 games, a length that I see as a good period of time to make your own table, which is settled, for example, after a winter break with recovery, gluttony or transfer results, differences to what the official league table says are very clear. That's why you can't always rely on the team that is higher up in the league. However, if you bet on the team that is higher up in a table that only includes the last 5 games, then you will probably have significantly more success. which is higher in the league. However, if you bet on the team that is higher up in a table that only includes the last 5 games, then you will probably have significantly more success. which is higher in the league. However, if you bet on the team that is higher up in a table that only includes the last 5 games, then you will probably have significantly more success.

      This is because the Bundesliga is too volatile in its form. Bad luck with injuries, transfers and unrest within a team can quickly have a lot of influence. This is different in other sports. In Formula 1, for example, developments tend to be slow. There it will be more possible to tap the current drivers' championship status and be correct.

      If you want to create your own table, it is sufficient to enter the results for the current changes every day. Starting with position 1 to 5. Once you have reached game 5, you overwrite the points that were won in the first game, one game day later in the second and so on. The calculation adds up the sum itself and you only have to look at the current score of two teams, if you want to know a little later which of the two teams is more likely to win the upcoming meeting. The system is definitely more helpful than indulging in blind fanaticism or using the season table as a basis. However, it is also still very imprecise. Caution is required here, and the use of common sense in addition.

      Spreadsheet: An Advanced Use Case

      A slightly more advanced use of spreadsheets as an aid to sports betting is the averaging of a long series of numbers. With this, examples of special bets in Formula 1 can be narrowed down quite well. For example, bookmakers like to ask how many juice car stakes there should be. Fans of the sport know that there are stretches here where an event can be predicted almost with certainty, and some where it is rather different. If you are looking for the data of a racetrack from the last few years, you will be able to enter this in your calculation, which will then automatically give you the average value. Changes to the rules or structural changes and the weather also have a potential influence on the values. Therefore, depending on the sport, it is important to find the right balance between a sufficient period of time for the data used, with which statistical outliers are not too noticeable, and a period of time that is short enough not to be falsified by "historical" data. Because ultimately you can assess many sports in this way. Also the question of average misses in the Biathlon and the like can be seen from a different perspective.

      Probability calculation with the spreadsheet

      A thorough analysis is the basis for every successful sports betting tip. Probability can make things clear.

      If you like to give tips that are impossible to foresee, you can easily use the probability calculation to determine how likely an event will occur. Advanced knowledge of mathematics is required here. Because the more possibilities there are, some of which also have different probabilities, the more complicated the calculation becomes. And at first it doesn’t matter whether the calculation took place in the spreadsheet or elsewhere. The spreadsheet also offers the option of relating the odds of such bets to the probability. Such an evaluation shows how high the rate is in relation to the actual risk. In many cases, a self-experiment will immediately show that the quality of the bets varies widely.

      Look through system bets in the spreadsheet

      A very interesting possibility that the spreadsheet offers is to look through complicated system bets . With the larger systems, hardly anyone will know straight away which results will actually bring a profit in the end. However, if you create a corresponding mask in the spreadsheet in a one-time, admittedly lengthy, detailed work, then you only have to enter later what the odds of the individual games look like and how high the selected stake is. The table then calculated the various profit and loss opportunities in real time. This is very useful when you want to play complicated systems. I would advise against newcomers to sports betting anyway. The picture shows some examples from Bwin .

      System bets are not always easy to understand. Not even for the professionals.

      Learn spreadsheets

      I would like to give instructions on how to use the spreadsheet most easily. Unfortunately, the subject is not that easy to convey. Anyone who has mastered them will immediately have a corresponding command line in their head for some sections of text, whoever has not mastered them must start with the simple basics. A crash course at the advanced level cannot be conveyed so easily within a text. Whole books have appeared on the subject that still do not do justice to the unbelievable scope of functions that encompasses all the spectrum of mathematics. But I only recommend such a book to a limited extent. From my own experience, I know that it is much more helpful to take a course that teaches the topic from the start. Further education, in the direction which is interesting for sports betting can then be done through books. First of all, however, a basic understanding of how to operate the programs is essential, which is most likely to be achieved through courses.

      Conclusion - bets are math

      If you haven't understood a word up to this point, you may not have quite the access to mathematics that is necessary for the corresponding calculations. This should in no way discourage sports betting. There are far simpler, prescribed tactics that are just as good for betting as number games in the spreadsheet. In fact, I would recommend the latter as a supplement rather than using it as the only aid. As a complement, however, it is perfect. Because everything in sports betting, from the bookmaker's odds key to their changes and the winnings of the players, is based solely on mathematics. It can help a lot if you understand part of what is offered for the game. Sometimes it becomes clear very quickly why this quota is looks too great to be true or, based on the collected and calculated data, a small coup succeeds that other players simply could not notice. However, and here is the downside, which additionally only makes the calculation usable for some, this analysis is also very time-consuming. If you are looking for the fun of betting alone, you should possibly refrain from the spreadsheet and leave this field to more ambitious players or those who also enjoy the numbers game.

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