How to win on risk-free bets: life hacks for beginners

How to win on risk-free bets: life hacks for beginners

Football betting

It is believed that football betting is a fast and convenient way to generate income from sports betting. But at the same time, these are investments associated with an increased level of risk. Ask experienced players how to make money on risk-free bets. They will tell you that this is impossible. Risk is an integral part of sports betting. But it is in our power to minimize it. And for this, you need to have an idea of ​​what winning schemes exist in bookmakers and how to reasonably use them in practice.

In this article, we will tell you what you need to know about the specifics of games in bookmakers in order to receive a stable  winnings on bets.

Features and Benefits of Online Football Betting

It is no coincidence that football betting takes first place in the world ranking of sports games. This popular game has tens of millions of fans around the world. For comparison: if the total amount of bets on the entire tennis tournament occasionally exceeds the size of 7 million dollars, then the same figure for a European league match can reach 30 million dollars.  

The main advantages of football betting:

  • Low margin . Due to the fact that among all sports, football is the most popular among bettors, the most money is bet on it. Therefore, there is always a huge competition among bookmakers. And in order to lure as many players as possible, each bookmaker tries to offer the most "tasty" odds. As a result, this results in margins being extremely low compared to other sports.

  • Impressive painting. Regardless of the bookmaker's choice, its football betting line will be larger than all its other sections.

  • High maximum limits. The football line has the highest betting limits, which is due, again, to the leading place of football in the general list of sports games.

  • Large selection of TV broadcasts. The ability to watch football games on TV is a significant plus for those who like to bet live.

All of these advantages provide football betting with a consistently high level of popularity among bettors.

Life hack # 1: choose bets with a minimum margin

If professional bettors can afford to choose bets with different margin percentages, then beginners should better protect themselves from unnecessary risk and choose bets with a minimum margin. That is why 99% of beginners' bets should be on handicaps or totals. these are the markets with the lowest margins.

If you are just starting your way to professional betting, give up such bets as W1 (the first team wins), W2 (the second team wins), a draw. And even more so, do not use any listings that are usually offered to players by numerous unreliable offices. The thing is that bookmakers always expose simply exorbitant margins on all these outcomes, so it is in your best interest to refuse them.

Life hack # 2: choose the right bookmaker

It is necessary to choose only reliable bookmakers.

Life hack # 3: choose the betting exchange wisely

In addition to classic bookmakers, pay attention to betting exchanges, as any professional bettor should be able to competently use exchanges as well.

By and large, a betting exchange is an alternative to a regular bookmaker's office. It differs only in that the bettor makes a bet not against an abstract pool of players, but directly against other players. That is, if no one answered your bet, then you cannot make it. Compared to bookmakers, exchange players have several advantages:

  • players form the odds themselves, and do not wait for the opening line;

  • there is no cutting of accounts, so both bettors and traders can feel comfortable.

Despite the fact that there are very few betting exchanges, we can recommend a few of the most reliable ones.

Betfair is an exchange that has long established itself as the most reliable and popular exchange that has no competitors. But be prepared for the fact that this exchange has a fairly large commission - about 6% from each winning bet.

Matchbook is an exchange focused on the American market, therefore it is especially popular among Americans. It is distinguished by a low commission - about 0.75% is given by the player who offered the bet, and about 1.5% is given by the one who answered this bet. Thanks to such excellent conditions, this exchange has gained great popularity among professional players.

If you are interested in betting on American sports, in particular on basketball, we can recommend the following suitable offices:

BetOnline is a very reliable bookmaker with high limits, especially for American sports, and fast withdrawals. Great for those who like to bet on the NBA, NHL, AHL, baseball, American football, all kinds of student leagues. Also a great addition to Pinnacle.

BookMaker is a popular bookmaker among professional bettors that does not cut accounts, allows you to bet huge amounts and allows you to quickly withdraw funds. The only drawback is the large margin. But if you plan to combine it with Pinnacle or other large bookmakers, then sometimes you can find quite profitable odds here.

Remember that it is necessary to select a bookmaker based on the sport you are going to bet on.

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10 more useful tips for beginners on how to make money on bets without risk

  1. Learn how to properly manage your bankroll - this will save you from ruin.

  2. Place bets with a positive mathematical expectation.

  3. Discard match-fixing and other questionable ways and strategies of winning at bets.

  4. Pay attention to the margin - it should not be too large. To put in a plus, the margin should be no more than 3%.

  5. Constantly invest in your training and play up the distance.

  6. Choose the highest odds on the market using a line of several bookmakers at once.

  7. Choose the most reliable bookmakers and place bets only with them.

  8. Stay up to date with sports events: read news, find out statistics, see forecasts, etc.

  9. Remember that early games at the start of the season can be completely unpredictable - this increases risk and complicates analysis.

  10. If you have little or no experience in betting, place your bets according to the principle of the golden mean: analyze the game in advance, and place your bets during it.

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