How to succeed in betting: tips from the 4 richest bettors

How to succeed in betting: tips from the 4 richest bettors

The desire to make a huge fortune on betting excites the minds of millions of bettors around the world. But only a few of them understand that this is not an easy task that requires a competent approach and a lot of work. After all, in order to make money in betting, you need not rely on luck, but build mathematical models and use the tools of professional bettors. We will tell you about their success stories and the secrets of making millions in this article.

Tipster and his 5 tips for making a money

Bob Vulgaris is one of the most famous and richest cappers on the planet. In just 5 years, he managed to turn from a simple guy to a multimillionaire, becoming the main target for hundreds of journalists and sports analysts. We talked more about the life of Bob Voulgaris and the history of his formation as a professional in betting in the video "The Best Capper in Basketball" .

According to Vulgaris himself, the secret of his success lies in the combination of hard work and incredible endurance. After all, in addition to continuous monitoring of the BC ratios , meetings, bookmakers and state athletes, he always put time and effort into developing its own betting strategy on sport, and then bets the computer model. 

  1. Don't waste your attention on all the events.

  2. If you are sure of the result, make big bets.

  3. Trust yourself and use computer technology at the same time.

  4. Do not be afraid to set the most ambitious goals for yourself and achieve them.

  5. Work tirelessly, giving all the best.

Bob Voulgaris was one of the first bettors to realize the importance of building a betting model . He spent about 2 years on this process, but the result fully justified the effort and time invested, providing him with a millionth fortune. 

The only drawback of his strategy was that he did not begin to increase his team and did not try to introduce new technologies, in particular excel betting. Therefore, as a result, he could not withstand the race of new technologies in betting, as a result of which his model began to bring less income. But smart people learn from the mistakes of others. Therefore, use accurate and advanced excelbetting (especially since it is freely available on our website) to build an effective model at the modern level of world betting, which will allow you to make your fortune on bets.

Lam Banker: 7 rules of the man who made millions in betting

Lam Banker's reputation and fame as the most successful millionaire bettor goes far ahead of him. Today he lives in the center of Las Vegas and does not deny himself anything. But he does not plan to stop there either. According to Lam, if a bettor wants not only to survive in the betting world, but to make a million dollar fortune, you need to:

  1. Place bets, even if they do not coincide with public opinion. But at the same time, the bettor himself is 100% confident in himself and his bet.

  2. Never win back by raising the bet. In particular, never get caught up.

  3. Do not bet on the match, simply because "you want to" , "the broadcast is in progress" or "you must be lucky."

  4. Do not take risks, because everything that the bettor has saved is equal to earnings.

  5. Select matches for bets as carefully as possible. The professionalism of this selection shows how good the bettor is.

  6. Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll.

  7. Build your own betting model and follow it clearly. Provided that it has proven to be effective.

Lam Banker, like other millionaire bettors, realized in time the importance of sports analytics and the development of his own betting strategy . By building your model based on modern excel betting software, you can also earn not only a million dollar fortune, but also a reputation as one of the most successful bettors on the planet.

J.R. Miller and 3 Fundamental Principles for His Success

JR Miller is a humble millionaire who lives in Tennessee, does not like publicity and is constantly working to improve his own betting model. During his career, he deduced 3 main principles of success in betting:

  1. Treat betting seriously and responsibly. You don't have to rely on luck, because today you might be lucky, and tomorrow you will merge the whole bank. Accurate and advanced betting analytics , statistics and mathematical approach should be the backbone of your betting strategy .

  2. Good bankroll management should always come first in the skill of any player. According to Miller, wasted risk is a stupid exercise that does not lead to anything good. But the people who managed to get rich by betting are those who did not succumb to emotions. Each bet must be meaningful, and the choice of the amount must be carefully thought out. Miller himself divides his bankroll into many small parts, which allows him to ride out periods of failure.

  3. Bettor shouldn't be greedy. According to Miller, greed is fatal to any bettor. After all, when a player tries to cover the loss, he starts betting more and more. As a result, it all ends with the drain of the entire bankroll. Successful bettors never bet with catch-up (Martingale method) or other dubious strategies that do not give any advantage, but simply swing the variance . Experienced players are people who keep their emotions in check and are guided by reason.

Compliance with these simple principles will allow any bettor to succeed in betting. And if you develop your own betting model based on advanced excel betting software and odds archive, you can make a million dollar fortune. This is the secret to the success of the coolest bettors on the planet.

Patrick Veitch is a 25-year-old mathematician with a fortune of millions

Patrick Veitch, a resident of the UK, has always had two passions: mathematics and sports. The combination of this love and a competent (even ingenious) approach allowed him to amass a fortune of 10 million pounds by the age of 25. 

The principles of his approach to betting are pretty simple:

  1. Do not bet "for luck", as well as under the influence of emotions. Each bet must be thought out and calculated using mathematical models. Otherwise, it will simply not work to achieve consistently high earnings.

  2. You need to develop your own strategy and follow it, even if the rates go against public opinion. According to Veitch, the opinion of the player pool should not be the deciding factor when making a bet. The only thing a bettor should rely on is the effectiveness of his own betting model.

  3. Master and apply new technologies. The world of betting is constantly evolving, so you shouldn't ignore new techniques, tools and technologies. In the progressive world today, excel betting software are at their peak of popularity, because on its basis you can build the most effective and profitable betting models.

  4. Invest in your own training. Patrick Veitch has never spared time and effort in learning, mastering new tools and acquiring useful skills. We recommend taking an example from him, because the result will return a hundredfold. 

The best bettors on the planet actively use excel betting software data to build models and develop their own betting strategies. Use it together with the archive of coefficients, and then nothing can lead you astray on the right path to the millionth fortune. To find out what the odds archive is and how to use it together with excel betting software, see the 8th issue of the Triumphant vlog. By the way, in the same issue you will learn what variance in bets is and why it is so important to take it into account when building your betting strategy.

Having looked at the success stories of the best bettors on the planet, you can only come to one conclusion: never spare the time and effort for your own betting training. After all, your winnings in bets entirely depend on the effort invested. Learn new skills, use accurate and advanced excel betting software, work with an archive of odds and of course watch our training videos, in which we also give our best to teach you how to find the most profitable betting strategies.

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