Football Betting Spreadsheet

Football Betting Spreadsheet

Football betting Spreadsheet

Football betting Spreadsheet is a useful tool for players to save time on a variety of tasks. Unfortunately, the development of Spreadsheet for sports betting and football betting in particular is an underdeveloped area due to low demand. After all, as a rule, only professional bettors resort to using programs. Having studied this issue in detail, we managed to find out what programs are available today and how they can optimize betting.

All football betting Spreadsheet available on the Internet can be classified according to criteria such as functionality, developer and cost .

    • By functionality, they are divided into complex and simple . Simple programs perform one task, while complex programs have a set of functions.
    • The Spreadsheet developer can be a bookmaker or a third-party organization / person . Bookmaker programs are familiar applications for mobile betting, clients for betting from a computer, and more. We will not talk about them today, this publication will focus on Spreadsheet developed by independent companies and professional betters.


  • And the last classification according to the financial criterion. Everything is simple here: paid, free and the third type, when some of the functions are available in the free version, and the full set of tools opens after payment . It is worth noting that everyone can download many programs for betting on football for free on the official websites of the developers and other resources.

Simple programs for betting on football

In the field of betting, simple programs have appeared a long time ago, and despite the appearance of more advanced Spreadsheet, they are still in demand. Only if earlier they had to be downloaded and installed on a computer, now such programs are made in the form of an online service on betting sites and bookmakers.

A simple football betting program is designed to accomplish a specific task. An elementary example is the margin calculator, which is designed to calculate the percentage of the bookmaker's margin. The user must enter the coefficients in the program to find out the margin.

Today, many players use programs for calculating football bets according to the chosen strategy . For example go and check Spreadsheets on . No need to waste time on math, just enter the data into the program and quickly find out the required amount of the next bet according to your strategy. This makes the calculations much easier for the players.

Football analysis Spreadsheet

The most developed and popular category of online football betting Spreadsheet is match analysis Spreadsheet. The capabilities of such programs differ significantly, but they all have the same purpose - making predictions for football matches. Based on statistical data, the algorithm analyzes the numbers and determines the probability of different outcomes: win / draw, total, corners, exact score, etc.

In some programs, you need to manually enter data to get a forecast. More advanced Spreadsheet has a database and the user only needs to select the match of interest and the object (outcome) to determine the probability.

The analysis of football matches for betting is carried out by such programs - check Spreadsheets on . Players leave different reviews about them, and most agree that programs of this kind help in the analysis in football betting, but you should not blindly follow the forecasts.

Bets accounting Spreadsheet

Perhaps the most useful thing in the field of betting Spreadsheet development. Bet tracking Spreadsheet helps players to control the game, analyze errors, test any strategies and look for trends in betting. Essentially a personal assistant in soccer betting.

The most popular representative of this type of Spreadsheet is Analizator check Spreadsheets on . The name clearly reflects the essence and purpose of the Spreadsheet - a bet manager. With the help of this program, you can keep track of different types of bets, see the results when using different strategies for betting on football , build charts and much more.  

Programs for finding surebets

All programs for surebets in bookmakers are divided into two types. The first one is surebet calculators, which are simple programs. With their help, you can determine if there is an arbitrage situation and what percentage of its profitability. The second one is surebet scanners, which determine arbitrage situations in pre-match and live. These include check Spreadsheets on 

Betfair trading Spreadsheet

And the last type of programs is Spreadsheet for trading on the most popular sports betting exchange Betfair. This is a separate section in the field of football betting Spreadsheet, which is rich in various programs. These are Speculator , MarketFeeder Pro , Geeks Toy , FairBot and others. But we prefer betting Spreadsheet analysis that is our control check Spreadsheets on

Excel Betting Spreadsheet  - Best prediction results - Best winnings

We recommend that you use betting Spreadsheet that analyzes matches with Excel because it is fast, convenient and easy, and you have complete freedom of action as well as various filters according to which to determine the best betting options for you.

You can check out some of our best betting Spreadsheet. They will provide you with detailed analysis of each match with high visibility of the results in each match.