Better typing: analyzes, tips & coaching from experts

Better typing: analyzes, tips & coaching from experts

The sports betting market has seen various trends over the past few years. We are currently observing a new development - sports betting tips. This time, is on the test bench. A portal that promises expert analyzes, coaching and live tips. Can such offers be serious? With this question in mind, we put excelbetting to the test. And are quite surprised by the various features. Because actually succeeds in meeting the high expectations that have been raised. What can sports bettors expect who are interested in the offer? Of course, we don't want to reveal everything right at the beginning - all the important facts can be read in the detailed excelbetting review.

Better typing: The important facts

Finally earn some real money with sports betting - this is the desire of many sports bettors. In practice, the whole thing often looks like beginners primarily pay lesson. Stakes without a betting strategy, a lack of know-how and a lack of experience - points that quickly make entry into sports betting very expensive.

excelbetting is no guarantee that every ticket will be charged with a big plus. However, there is an opportunity to give it a push in the right direction. What does have to offer? It's about:

  • Match analysis
  • Tip suggestions & risk tips
  • Combination ideas
  • Live tips
  • Coaching

The bottom line is that sports bettors don't just implement betting tips. Better typing improves your own skills, which in the long term leads to better performance in sports betting.

excelbetting does not focus on a league or a competition. Expert tips are available for top football leagues, club and international competitions or betting markets such as US sports, ice hockey and tennis . Anyone who decides to register with excelbetting will receive the analyzes and assessments on a daily basis.

The best: Sports betting fans don't need a big wallet to use Registration and dispatch of the tips are free.

Better typing at a glance:

  • Up to 30 analyzes daily
  • Tips on sports leagues and competitions
  • Account opening without additional costs
  • Tips by email or WhatsApp
  • Current analyzes & coaching

Registration with excelbetting

In order to finally receive tips and assessments from the professional, it is necessary to open a customer account at The process itself shouldn't be a major problem. The fact that we are going into a little more detail at this point has to do with activation. The latter includes an aspect that we would like to go into in detail in the case of excelbetting.

Actually, nothing more than the email address is required for registration. This is indicated - and relevant information is already in the mailbox.

Easy registration for live tips and analyzes

By the way: excelbetting sends the betting tips and analyzes either via WhatsApp or to your email address . Which of the two ways is used is decided when opening the account. The selection field can be found directly under the input mask for the telephone number. By submitting the information, the first hurdle to the sports betting tips has actually already been taken.

How is the account at activated?

When activating - as already mentioned at the beginning - a few points must be observed. After registering, interested sports bettors will receive an email with the specific activation process. The latter consists of three steps.

  • Registration with a excelbetting partner : In order for support to check the registration and activate the account for receiving tips, analyzes and coaching, registration with a partner is a prerequisite. These are selected bookmakers with officially licensed offers. Two points are important in this context. Sports bettors have to register as new customers once. On the other hand, it is necessary to make a minimum deposit into the betting account of the selected bookmaker.
  • Screenshots for customer service: In order for the excelbetting support to activate a newly registered customer account, you need to provide proof of registration with the partner bookmaker and proof of the payment. For this purpose, screenshots must be taken once of the confirmation of the opening of the betting account and of the transaction overview for the deposit . Tip: Information that is not relevant for can be cut out with any simple image editing program.
  • Checking and activation: After the screenshots have been sent to excelbetting customer service by e-mail, you have to wait. The screenshots are checked by the support. If everything went correctly, the account will be activated. This step usually takes several minutes to about an hour.

Dispatch of sports betting tips

Tips and analyzes are available at excelbetting either on the registered e-mail address or via the WhatsApp account. The decision is made directly with the registration. If you have decided on WhatsApp, you have to do one more step in the further process - entering the excelbetting mailing list.

For this it is necessary to first allow the provider to send messages to their own number or to add the specified telephone number to the existing contacts. If everything is done correctly, nothing stands in the way of sending the live tips and analyzes.

What can you do with the expert tips?

Expert tips and coaching help beginners and experienced sports bettors. How exactly can you benefit from The dispatch of analyzes and game assessments takes place in such a way that the tips can be incorporated into your own betting strategy in very different ways .

On the one hand, there is the opportunity to simply turn each tip into a single bet. The advantage: If the excelbetting expert is wrong, the bet is lost. The remaining tickets still have a chance of winning.

The second approach is the combination tips . In other words: This simply combines the analyzes into multi-bets. The advantage of such a bet is the odds. For combination bets, odds are not added but multiplied. And the bottom line is that the whole thing is worth it - provided that it actually works out. Combination bets have a decisive disadvantage: as soon as even one tip on the betting slip hits the mark, the entire combination bet expires - it becomes worthless.

Seriousness: The impression of

We save a very important point on our list for the review of excelbetting until the end. As soon as it comes to real money, the seriousness of the offers comes into focus. For bookmakers, in our opinion, the license is the be-all and end-all. At, sports bettors very quickly run into a problem in this context.

Conclusion: serious betting tips and expert analyzes

A modern and elaborate design, sports betting tips based on statistics and expert analyzes - wants to offer its customers more. And that's why the offer also includes live tips and coaching. Sports betting tips are available without subscription or fees, registration is very easy and every tip is delivered with a brief analysis. The bottom line is that is an alternative for sports bettors who have so far simply been wrong too often.

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