Asian handicap in football

Asian handicap in football

As it turned out, on Runet, most bettors do not know what an Asian handicap or an Asian handicap means in football, due to the fact that this type of bet is more common in Asian bookmakers. In this article, we will fix the situation and tell you in detail about this kind of handicap. 

Asian handicap or handicap - the same thing?

The usual handicap in betting is the provision of an advantage, which is expressed in the number of balls, points, seconds. This number can be whole (soft handicap) or fractional (hard handicap). The handicap can be either negative or positive. Accordingly, there are two types of handicap - on the favorite and the outsider.

The Asian handicap is a subset of the handicap. This is a double bet on two adjacent handicaps.

Why is the Asian handicap a good bet?

It is profitable to bet on Asian handicap because there are three outcomes in regular bets, and in handicaps the number of probable outcomes is equal to two, so the chances that the bet will play are higher. Also, as a rule, the margin at such rates is lower, as is the variance.

Asian handicap or Asian handicap, what is it in betting?

The meaning of Asian Handicap bets is the same as for handicap bets. The only difference is that the Asian Handicap bet is, as it were, divided into two equal parts. For example, when you see in the line (-1.75) with odds of 1.96, 

Asian Handicap (-1.75) .png

So by placing $ 100 on this bet, you are betting $ 50 on the handicap (-1.5) with the odds of 1.96 and $ 50 on the handicap (-2) with the odds of 1.96. Accordingly, if you bet $ 100 on the handicap (+1.75),

Asian Handicap (+1.75) .png

you bet $ 50 on the handicap (+1.5) with the odds of 1.96 and $ 50 on the handicap (+2) with the same odds.

Asian handicap calculation: how is the Asian handicap calculated?

Let's take a look at the different scores in a match to understand how payouts will be made for a given account. If PSG wins by 3 or more goals,  then both conditional bets of $ 50 on PSG will play, which means that those players who put $ 100 on the handicap (-1.75) for the odds of 1.96 will receive $ 196 (net profit of $ 96 and $ 100 return on your investment). Anyone who put a handicap of +1.75 on Saint-Etienne will lose both conditional bets. 

If PSG cannot win the match, or wins it only by 1 goal , then everything will be exactly the opposite, now those players who put a handicap (+1.75) on Saint-Etienne for 1.96 will receive $ 196, and players who bet on a handicap (- 1.75), lose all of their investment ($ 100).

If the match ends Lunch PSG exactly 2 goals  then the conditional rate of $ 50 per head start PSG (-1.5) will play, but bet on handicap (-2) is calculated as the return of $ 50, as a result, players who have put ( -1.75) for 1.96 they will receive 50 * 1.96 = 98 $ at the first conditional bet with a handicap (-1.5) and 50 $ return on the second with a handicap (-2). This means that their payment will be 98 + 50 = $ 148, that is, $ 48 of net profit. 

As for those players who bet (+1.75) on Saint-Etienne, their first conditional bet of $ 50 on handicap (+2) will be calculated as a return, and the second conditional bet (+1.5) will be calculated as a loss. As a result, their payment will be $ 50, i.e. their profit will be negative at this rate -50 $. 

What is handicap

What is Asian Handicap +1 (-1)?

  • Asian Handicap -1 If you choose to win a team with Asian handicap -1, then your team must win by at least 2 goals for the bet to win. If your team wins by 1 goal, then you will be refunded the money you wagered. If the match ends in a draw or defeat of your team, then you will lose.
  • You can take the team's victory with a +1 handicap . Thus, we add 1 goal to the selected team to the final score, and if, taking into account this goal, it wins, you win, if this goal is taken into account, you get the money back, in other cases, you lose.

How to calculate the result of a bet Asian Handicap -0.5 (+0.5)?

  • If you choose a handicap of +0.5, the  bet will win if the team wins and there is a draw. If the match ends with the defeat of your team, you will lose.
  • Asian handicap - 0.5. This type of handicap means that the bet will play only if the team wins, if you lose or draw, you will lose.

What will a player get from a bet Asian Handicap -0.25?

  • If you bet on a handicap of -0.25,  then you win if the team wins. If the team plays in a draw, then half of the bet money you lose, and the other half will be returned to you.
  • Asian Handicap +0.25. If you bet on handicap +0.25, then you win if the team wins. If it draws, then half of the bet is returned and half of the bet wins.

Bookmaker offices. Is it better to bet Asian handicap with reliable bookmakers?

In different offices, the Asian handicap has different designations. Some bookmakers are ideal for this type of betting, for example, SBOBET is a reliable bookmaker that specializes in offering betting services with Asian handicap. Bookmaker Pinnacle is also suitable for Asian handicap and does everything for the convenience of users. For example, a handicap of +/- 0.25 is set there already decomposed into handicaps "pk" and "+/- 0.5". The bookmaker has the lowest margin for handicaps and handicaps.

Asian handicap on express

How to bet with Asian handicaps? Here, too, everything is simple. If you have an Asian handicap in one of the positions in the express, then in fact your bet is divided into two express with equal amounts for each of them, where one handicap is (0.25) more than the Asian handicap you have chosen, and in the second - ( 0.25) less. For example, you decide to bet a $ 100 express on the total of the PSG - Saint-Etienne match under 3.5 for 1.65 and in the Caen - Lyon match, the Asian handicap (-0.75)  at Lyon.

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