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Excelbetting.com Begining

The site was created in early 2021 and we aim to introduce you to the power of artificial intelligence and how much technology has evolved and how we can use Spreadsheet to analyze sporting events such as football matches. The Spreadsheet we offer is developed with extremely many algorithms that analyze many of the components that would take an person a few hours to find the necessary information on the Internet with the Spreadsheet, it happens in seconds.

Let us introduce you to what our site offers.

Excelbetting It is only for the purpose of offering information services anywhere on the site (Spreadsheet, articles, strategies) Everything on the site is for informational purposes and excelbetting is not responsible for how you would use the information on the site.

We provide various strategies and informative articles.

Spreadsheet is a tool for analyzing football matches or other sports. They only aim to provide you with a detailed analysis of the football match (or other sport) analysis that will take seconds instead of wasting a few hours on the internet looking for statistics. The statistics offered by the Spreadsheet have an informative purpose and everyone can decide how to use it. We at excelbetting.com are not responsible for who and how will use the provided statistics.

  • We do not offer or provide in any form direct betting.
  • We do not encourage or recommend or encourage betting.


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