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Football betting Spreadsheet

This is football betting Spreadsheet  that provides the probabilities for the result of a match based on algorithms. 

This Spreadsheet will help you a lot in compiling your football betting ticket.
Thanks to artificial intelligence and the algorithms used to calculate matches, you will receive information such as statistics, offensive, defensive play, goal ratios and a bunch of other important statistics, for which you will need hours to analyze a football match. Thanks to the Spreadsheet we have developed, the analysis of a football match and the information you will receive about it will be available to you within seconds. Every day.

Sports betting Spreadsheet for bettors

Best value betting Spreadsheet and how to find value bets on this can be a very easy task using this Spreadsheet our value betting bot catches and shows you instant value bets that you can bet on.

Our value bet algorithm is faster we created value bet finder which instantly shows you all currently available value bets

// Value bets - Surebet Scanners and more for value bets strategy can see in our blog


  • Automatic loading of the list of matches.
  • The forecast for the team to win in the first half, second half, in the match.
  • Forecast for under/over 0.5, under/over 1.5, under/over 2.5, under/over 3.5.
  • Forecast for a team goal in the first half, second half, match.
  • Loading bookmaker odds for matches.
  • Saving matches to the archive.
  • New add-ons when updated
  • Double chance predictions
  • Total bet
  • Goals

What you get

  • You only pay for the Spreadsheet once, not per day or per month.
  • Unlimited license
  • Free updates
  • Support 12 months


  • Determination of probabilities by coefficients.
  • Determination of odds by probability
  • Bets on \ "draw with zero \"
  • Break-even point (flat)
  • Calculation of the amount of the bet based on the desired profit
  • Transfer of different types of odds
  •  Double chance.
  • Calculator for bets X2, 1X (we bet on a win and a draw) 8. Calculator \ "LINE \" (along the known line 1 - X - 2)
  • Calculator \ "LIN IYA \" (along the known line 1X - 12 - X2)
  • Catching up to achieve a fixed profit (at different coefficients)
  • Catch-up to achieve a fixed percentage of the turnover (with different coefficients)
  • Catch-up to achieve a fixed profit (with one coefficient)
  • Calculation of the amount of the bet to achieve a fixed. % from turnover
  • Kelly criterion calculator
  • Calculation of a two-sided surebet
  • Calculation of a three-sided surebot
  • Димитър Грудев
    pretty accurate!
    7 months ago
  • Coco Alltanero
    This is the second software I order. The software is unique. I set 3, 4 games for the day and analyze them with it. It does a great job. It shows where it is best to bet.
    2 years ago

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