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With lots of fake and misleading prediction apps on the internet, promising huge ROI, the bookmakers are becoming wealthier than ever. 

But what if you can beat the bookmakers at their own game? That’s where the software Football Prediction Software comes to play.

software football predictions have an average ROI of 30%. The success is mostly down to the fact that the betting software winbetbk have value bet predictions, which is the best way to beat the bookies. 

software offers you a room to avoid difficulty, conquer, and become a winning punter.

It is currently the indomitable and the best football prediction software thoughtfully designed with advanced intelligence, and that understands football to the fullest. 

It employs an unbalanced playground between a punter and the bookies by edging the punter over the bookies.

It has to be software software because there is hardly a football/soccer prediction software that delivers high-value predictions. 

Moreover, there are plentyof free soccer predictions for you under free Tips. 

Of course, you can’t expect all the juice from the free plan, which is why you should hurry for the premium membership.

Ultimately, software remains the most accurate football prediction software out there. 

It is a highly recommended football prediction for both newbie and professional punters. 

You must be wondering what makes software a special football prediction software. See for yourself below!

The Prediction Algorithm

The punting world is yet to witness an accurate soccer prediction software with an intelligent algorithm that matches software’s prediction algorithm. 

software’s algorithm crawls for betting markets overpriced by the bookies in over 50 top leagues in the world. 

It is needless to mention that this means big winnings for software punters daily.

The Winning Potential

Typically, most soccer prediction software promises to make a millionaire overnight, which we all know can never happen.

Only a handful of prediction software can genuinely offer you a positive ROI.


Already more than 1000 users

User Interface                                                                                                      

software features a rhythmical user interface that exposes you to high potential winnings and high odds. 

Next to each tip, you will see a percentage of your bankroll to be placed on that tip. You will also see a list of bookmakers that offer the best odds for that tip. 


1. Determination of probabilities by coefficients.
2. Determination of odds by probability
3. Bets on \ "draw with zero \"
4. Break-even point (flat)
5. Calculation of the amount of the bet based on the desired profit
6. Transfer of different types of odds
7. Double chance.
Calculator for bets X2, 1X (we bet on a win and a draw) 8. Calculator \ "LINE \" (along the known line 1 - X - 2)
9. Calculator \ "LIN IYA \" (along the known line 1X - 12 - X2)
10. Catching up to achieve a fixed profit (at different coefficients)
11. Catch-up to achieve a fixed percentage of the turnover (with different coefficients)
12. Catch-up to achieve a fixed profit (with one coefficient)
13. Calculation of the amount of the bet to achieve a fixed. % from turnover
14. Kelly criterion calculator
15. S8. Calculator for those who play according to the S8 strategy
16. Calculation of a two-sided surebet & 17. Calculation of a three-sided surebot

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